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Nikolas improved his C-average grades to As and Bs! He has also obtained meaningful employment and is being promoted to a shift leader. Nikolas is learning to be more responsible with his budget and saving up for a puppy! Nikolas is learning how to include pet insurance into his monthly budget, too.

Nikolas says, "NUSkool has helped me feel prepared and ready to succeed in every day life. I feel more prepared and I believe that NUSkool is always there when  strongly need it. They have helped me job hunt, practice different skill sets, and make sure that I'm well and ready for my own budgeting. I couldn't ask for a better coach than Katlin Sharp-Ransom! Thank you NUSkool!"

Nathaniel Success Story Photo.jpg


"In regard to life skills, I did learn a few things, and it helped me to feel more confident in my abilities as a person! It certainly made me feel more at ease when I went on a flight for the first time out of the country, learning the procedures for going through the airport on my way to Scotland."

This photo is of Nathaniel and his new friend in Scotland!

Joseph Sucess Tractor Supply worker & Me


“When I first met Joseph, he was a quiet kid that was unsure of himself. Through our time in life skills and CBA, I have watched him grow into a confident young man. He is the kid that never wanted to speak up for himself or make himself noticed, and he has been replaced with a young man that takes initiative, not only in work, but in speaking to others. In my time working with Joseph, he was able to be hired as a seasonal employee at JCPenney and once his paperwork arrives, he will be the newest employee of Tractor Supply. He impressed the entire staff with his willingness to do volunteer for any job that needed to be done, from load outs to stacking pallets of feed. He also just completed his income taxes by himself!” NUSkool Team Member Kris Parrish

Joseph added “I feel that in my short time in the program, I have learned many amazing things about life and what it takes to thrive, not just survive. It will truly be an everlasting memory that I will look back on throughout my days to come. Thank you Kris and all the people that made it happen….”

Vet Tech.jpg


"Jessica is in vet tech school and got a job at the Kanawha-Charleston Humane Society before even getting her degree! We are all so incredibly proud of her!"

Kanawha-Charleston Humane Association

Cassie Volunteer work experience.jpg


Cassie loves animals & is currently perfecting her dog grooming skills!

Alex 1st gen college student.jpg


Alex is a first-gen college student who has started at Fairmont State University today! He is working towards an English Teaching Degree.

Congratulations, Alex!!

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